Kodak Nexpress SE3000

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Jim Hamilton, InfoTrends, presents a summary overview of the KODAK NEXPRESS SE Platform. Jim reviews the next generation platform that offers improved quality and productivity, through three new developments:

  • Intelligent Calibration System (ICS)
  • Improved Consumables - Enhanced Dry Ink, Developers and Dry Ink Stations
  • Advanced front end featuring Adobe’s PDF Print Engine 2

With the introduction of the KODAK NEXPRESS SE Series of Digital Production Color Presses, the best in digital color production now outpaces the competition and offers more applications that generate higher margin. Delivering ground breaking productivity, quality and reliability that can help you grow your top and bottom lines. From compatibility with the latest PDF standards to seamless integration when implementing variable data printing (VDP) capabilities, the KODAK NEXPRESS Front End System improves file processing significantly.

Print Genius_360

The NexPress SE Platform now features Print Genius, a suite of quality control tools and options that help you manage and maintain peak quality throughout your production run. The Print Genius quality suite encompasses hardware, software and materials science innovations to optimize quality and consistency from the first sheet to the last, day after day.

Closed-loop calibration: Five minutes is all it takes to analyze output and feed critical data back to the system for closed loop color calibration, helping you optimize quality with minimal downtime. The unique Kodak NexPress Intelligent Calibration System (ICS) automates the process of checking and maintaining print uniformity.

Enhanced dry inks and developers: Newly reformulated Kodak NexPress Enhanced Dry Ink and Developers provide vibrant colors and consistent spot color matching, smooth flat fields and gradients, and the unique ability to match the ink gloss level to the substrate being printed. You can realize consistently high image quality with reduced print waste, optimizing running costs.

The KODAK NEXPRESS SE3000 Digital Color Production Press is the only sheet fed digital production color press to offer unconstrained 3000 A3+ sheets per hour or 100 ppm performance.

  • Superior Image Quality
    • Digital Color output that surpasses offset quality
    • KODAK NEXPRESS Intelligent Calibration System (ICS), which allows the end user to ensure the uniformity of printed output
    • KODAK Enhanced Dry Ink and Developer, a new formulation of ink and developer designed to improve image quality by delivering offset class smooth flat tints, print consistency sheet to sheet, job to job and day to day.
  • Unsurpassed Productivity
    • KODAK NEXPRESS Front End System 11, the first front end in the market with Adobe PDF print engine 2.0 for higher productivity and seamless integration.
    • High capacity feeders and delivery units, inline solutions and finishing modules for even greater uninterrupted printing.
    • Award winning technology that runs at rated speed for more than 600 substrates at 4 and 5 colors.
    • Kodak Substrate Qualification Program – CLICK HERE for more information
  • Fifth Imaging Unit Solutions
    • Kodak Intelligent Dimensional Printing Solutions, the only digital cut sheet press that produced dimensional 3-D raised print in-line
    • Unique KODAK NEXPRESS Fifth Imaging Unit Solutions drive page growth and higher margins
      • Intelligent Color Solution
      • Intelligent Glossing Solution
      • Intelligent Coating Solution
  • Flexibility
    • Modular upgradeable solutions – Fifth Imaging Unit Solutions, In-line Finishing and Feeding Accessories, Additional Front End Node
    • SE Upgrade path for Kodak NexPress S Class Digital Production Color Presses
  • Environmental Advantages
    • Supports wide range of FSC papers
    • NexPress Dry Inks do not emit VOC’s
    • INGEDE certificate of deinkability
    • EU food packaging approval
    • EN71.3 Toy Safety approval
    • Recyclable packaging, consumables, press
    • Environmentally responsible design
    • ISO 14001, 9001 certified manufacturing

Kodak Nexpress SE

Kodak Nexpress SE3000

Kodak Nexpress Lakkozás

Base configuration

  • 5-color print engine
  • 4 feeders with total capacity of 11,000 sheets / 1100 mm pile height*
  • 1 high-capacity delivery with total capacity of 5000 sheets /500 mm pile height*
  • Choice of Front Ends: Kodak NexPress V and NexPress Vp Front End

*Capacity measured with 100 g/m2 paper.

Printing speed

Printing speed (single sided 4/0 or 5/0)

  • 6000 A4/letter/legal sheets per hour (100 ppm)
  • 5454 C4 sheets per hour
  • 4092 B4 sheets per hour
  • 3000 A3/tabloid sheets per hour
  • 2730 B3 sheets per hour
  • Double-sided printing speed (4/4 or 5/5) is half of single-sided speed

Imaging technology
  • Dry electrophotography, 600 dpi, multi-bit (up to 8-bit)
  • Screens: classic, line, optimum, supra, and Kodak Staccato DX Screening
Substrate format
  • Maximum sheet size: 356 x 520 mm (14 x 20.47 in.)
  • Minimum sheet size: 279 x 200 mm (11 x 7.9 in.)
Maximum imageable area
  • 340 x 510 mm (13.4 x 20 in.)
Paper weight
  • 60 to 350 g/m2 (16 lb. bond/40 lb. text up to 130 lb. cover) uncoated
  • 80 to 350 g/m2 (20 lb. bond up to 130 lb. cover) coated
  • Paper: uncoated, matte coated, glossy coated, cast coated and textured, wood free, and recycled, including a wide selection of standard offset papers
Special Substrates
  • Uncoated, matte coated, glossy coated labels, paperbacked transparencies, select opaque foils, magnetic, photo book paper, synthetics, pre-perforated and scored specialty stocks





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