Kodak Thermoflex Narrow

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The KODAK THERMOFLEX Narrow Platesetter is designed for narrow web printers and trade shops, as well as can and cup decorators. The easy-to-use device images digital flexographic and letterpress plates, as well as film up to 30 x 30 in. (762 x 762 mm). A magnetic drum option is also available for film and steel-backed flexo and letterpress plates. With the hybrid option, printers can also image digital offset plates.

  • Plate-to-plate repeatability
  • KODAK HYPERFLEX Ready Imaging Technology for more consistent presswork and improved print quality
  • Accommodation of a wide range of media types, sizes, and thicknesses
  • KODAK TIFF Front End Software
  • Easy operation
  • Effective quality control
  • Worldwide service and support from Kodak
Kodak Thermoflex Platesetter


Ablative Media

Digital Offset Plates
(with hybrid option)

V (very fast ) speed

Area: 4.5 m² per hour
Full Format: 8 min.
Linear speed: 100.8 mm
(3.96 in.) per min.

Area: 10.2 m² per hour
Full Format: 3.2 min.
Linear speed: 240 mm
(9.4 in.) per min.

Media Specifications

Media Type

  • Qualified 830 nm digital flexographic and letterpress plates with polyester base
  • Qualified 830 nm digital plates with steel base
  • Ablative processeless film
  • Digital screen printing plates
  • Qualified 830 nm digital offset plates

Media Sizes
(multiple plate configuration is also available)

Any plate size up to
762 x 762 mm
(30 x 30 in.)

Any plate size up to
762 x 744 mm
(30 x 29 in.)

Media Thickness

0.1 to 5 mm (0.004 to 0.197 in.)

Up to 0.3 mm (for pre-punch only 0.3 mm supported)


80 to 140 dpmm (2032 to 3556 dpi)


AM screening: 1% to 99% at 175 lpi line screen
KODAK HYPERFLEX Ready Imaging Technology


Size (H x W x D)

1340 x 1760 x 900 mm (53 x 69 x 36 in.)





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