Kodak Thermoflex Mid II

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The KODAK THERMOFLEX Mid II Platesetter is the ideal choice for printers and tradeshops seeking high-quality print results on a wide variety of substrates. It provides the flexibility to image flexographic, and letterpress plates, as well as film—all on one device. With the hybrid option, printers can also image digital offset plates.

Operators can easily load any plate size up to the maximum 1016 x 1200 mm (40 x 47.24 in.) for flexo, and 1000 x 1200 mm (39 x 47.24 in.) for offset plates with the hybrid option, and have the option of imaging multiple plates in one pass.

  • Imaging of flexo, letterpress, and film, as well as offset plates with the hybrid option
  • High-quality printing on a wide variety of substrates
  • Plate-to-plate repeatability
  • Proven reliability
  • KODAK HYPERFLEX Ready Imaging Technology
  • Universal workflow connectivity
  • KODAK TIFF Front End Software
  • Easy operation
Kodak Thermoflex Platesetter


Digital Flexo Plates

Digital Offset Plates
(with hybrid option)

V (very fast ) speed

Area: 4.6 m² per hr.
Full Format: 16 min.
Linear speed: 76.8 mm
(3 in.) per min.

Area: 14 m² per hr.
Full Format: 5 min.
Linear speed: 240 mm
(9.4 in.) per min.

Media Specifications

Media Type

  • Qualified 830 nm digital flexographic and letterpress plates with polyester base
  • Qualified 830 nm digital plates with steel base
  • Ablative processeless film
  • Digital screen printing plates
  • Qualified 830 nm digital offset plates

Media Sizes
(multiple plate configuration is also available)

Any size up to 1016 x 1200 mm (40 x 47.24 in.)

Any size up to 1000 x 1200 mm (39 x 47.24 in.)

Media Thickness

0.1 to 5 mm (0.004 to 0.197 in.)

Up to 0.3 mm (for pre-punch only 0.3 mm supported)


80 to 140 dpmm (2032 to 3556 dpi)


AM screening: 1% to 99% at 175 lpi line screen
KODAK HYPERFLEX Resolution Enhancement Software


Size (H x W x D)

1370 x 2110 x 1030 mm (54 x 83 x 41 in.)





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