Kodak Magnus 800

8 oldalas CtP

The KODAK MAGNUS 800 Platesetter offers exceptional stability and productivity to meet the needs of both small and large printers. It is the fastest 8-page CTP device in the industry, delivering throughput of up to 60 plates per hour with the MAGNUS 800Z QUANTUM Platesetter. The MAGNUS 800 Platesetter is also the only 8-page CTP device available with an Automatic Pallet Loader option for longer unattended operation.

The KODAK MAGNUS 800 QUANTUM Platesetter utilizes advanced KODAK SQUARESPOT Imaging Technology for incredible imaging stability, accuracy, and reliability, so you can produce high-quality plates consistently with fewer remakes. Automatic compensation for temperature-related plate expansion ensures precise, consistent imaging from plate to plate and machine to machine, and dynamic autofocus prevents hot spots due to normal surface irregularities on the plate.

  • High-performance imaging of up to 60 plates per hour
  • Full range of automation: semiautomatic, Single-Cassette Unit (SCU), Multi-Cassette Unit (MCU), or Automatic Pallet Loader (APL)
  • Modular design for easy field upgrade to faster imaging or greater automation
  • SQUARESPOT Technology for process control, consistency, and photorealistic printing
  • STACCATO Screening for high-fidelity, continuous tone images
  • Easy connectivity to KODAK Workflow Systems and third-party systems
  • Inline punch for increased productivity

The MAGNUS 800 QUANTUM Platesetter can be a key element to improving the Stability of your printing business, helping you achieve your quality, efficiency, profitability, and environmental goals.

Kodak Magnus 800


830 nm thermal imaging platesetter, fully or semiautomatic, external drum

Load/unload systems

For more details, click the Modular Options & Accessories link above

  • Semiautomatic
  • Single-Cassette Unit (SCU)
  • Multi-Cassette Unit (MCU)
  • Automatic Pallet Loader (APL)
  • Option to bypass the automatic plate loader by inserting plate directly into the Platesetter from the loading conveyor

In-line punch

  • Up to 10 customized punch heads. Select from a list of punches qualified for the MAGNUS 800 Platesetter.
  • Optional automatic punching is operated according to press profile selected from the KODAK WORKFLOW System
  • Punch is available on the front edge of the plate only


S speed: 15 plates per hr
F speed: 22 plates per hr
V speed: 30 plates per hr
X speed: 40 plates per hr
Z speed: 60 plates per hr

Workflow connectivity

KODAK PRINERGY Workflow System
Connection to third-party workflow systems (via 1-bit TIFF workflow)


2400/1200 or 2540/1270 dpi


KODAK MAGNUS 800 Platesetter
Up to 250 lpi max linescreen
Optional: 25-micron STACCATO Screening

KODAK SQUARESPOT Imaging Technology
450 lpi max linescreen
20-micron KODAK STACCATO Screening
Optional: 10-micron STACCATO Screening

Image area around the drum circumference

Max. 938 mm (36.9 in.), min. 318 mm (12.5 in.)

Image area along the drum axis

Max. 1162 mm (45.7 in.), min. 381 mm (15 in.)

Size (H x W x D)

  • Platesetter: 110.0 cm x 249.5 cm x 150.4 cm
    (43.3 in. x 98.2 in. x 59.2 in.)
  • Autoloader: 145.0 cm x 169.0 cm x 1420 cm
    (57. 1 in. x 66.5 in. x 55.9 in.
  • SCU: 81.0 cm x 114.0 cm x 169.5 cm
    (31.9 in. x 44.9 in. x 66.7 in.)
  • MCU: 145.0 cm x 169.0 cm x 182.0 cm
    (57.1 in. x 66.5 in. x 71.7 in.)





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