Kodak Trendsetter 400

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KODAK TRENDSETTER 400 Platesetters are well known for their reliability and easy maintenance, and they are flexible enough to grow as your business grows. Based on the same trusted technology that printers have depended on for over 12 years, the TRENDSETTER 400 Platesetter was recently updated with a smaller footprint, a more powerful thermal imaging head, and the latest hardware and software.

The TRENDSETTER 400 Platesetter can image an impressive 43 4-page plates per hour, and with the Autoloader, can image 50 plates per hour. KODAK SQUARESPOT Imaging Technology, standard on every TRENDSETTER Platesetter, delivers accuracy, stability, and repeatability for exceptional quality and lower operating costs.

  • Exceptional throughput: up to 43 plates per hour; 50 plates per hour with Autoloader
  • High-performance imaging
  • Supports the largest range of plate sizes among competition, from smallest to largest
  • KODAK SQUARESPOT Imaging Technology is standard
  • TRENDSETTER 400 QUANTUM Platesetter enables 450 dpi screening. 20 or 10 micron KODAK STACCATO Screening creates photorealistic images.
  • Support for KODAK THERMAL DIRECT Non Process Plates, now with a more powerful thermal head for faster imaging (throughput of up tp 28 plates per hour)
  • 2400 dpi and 1200 dpi resolution
  • Connectivity to KODAK Workflow and third-party systems
  • Easily upgradeable to KODAK TRENDSETTER 800 Platesetter or different speed options
  • Autoloader automation available for TRENDSETTER 400 QUANTUM Platesetter, V speed

The TRENDSETTER 400 Platesetter can be a key element to improving the Stability of your printing business, helping you achieve your quality, efficiency, profitability, and environmental goals.

Kodak Trendsetter 400


830 nm thermal imaging platesetter, semiautomatic, external drum

Throughput at 2400 dpi1, 2 for plate size
724 x 838 mm
(28.5 x 33 in.)

TRENDSETTER 400 Platesetter:
S speed = 20 plates per hour
F speed = 30 plates per hour
V speed = 43 plates per hour
V speed = 43 plates per hour
V speed with autoloader = 50 plates per hour
Workflow connectivity

KODAK PRINERGY EVO Workflow, KODAK PRINERGY Workflow, and connection to third-party workflow systems


2400 dpi (94.4 dpmm) or 1200 dpi (47.2 dpmm)

Screening TRENDSETTER 400 Platesetter:
250 lpi max linescreen
Optional: 25-micron KODAK STACCATO Screening
450 lpi max linescreen
20-micron KODAK STACCATO Screening
Optional: 10-micron KODAK STACCATO Screening
Maximum plate size:3
around drum x along drum
838 x 990 mm (33 x 39 in.)

Minimum plate size:3
around drum x along drum

267 x 215 mm (10.5 x 8.5 in.)
398 x 270 mm (15.7 x 10.6 in.)
Manual load and unload:
305 x 215 mm (12 x 8.5 in.)





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