Kodak Magnus XLF 80

large format CtP

The KODAK MAGNUS XLF 80 QUANTUM Platesetter is an extension of the popular KODAK MAGNUS VLF Platesetter line, expanded for larger plates. With the same excellent reliability and imaging quality as the MAGNUS VLF Platesetters, the MAGNUS XLF 80 Platesetter can image plates up to 2.26 meters wide.

  • KODAK SQUARESPOT Imaging Technology for exceptional stability, accuracy, and reliability
  • Reliable solution based on KODAK MAGNUS VLF Platesetters
  • Images plates up to 1.296 m x 2.26 m in size, in addition to plates for smaller press formats
  • Enables printers to use the widest web presses for the most efficient print production
  • Speeds of up to 15 plates per hour at resolutions of 2400 dpi for the largest plate size
  • Complete solution with KODAK workflow, plates, and processor
  • Backed by Kodak’s world-class service and support organization

The MAGNUS XLF 80 QUANTUM Platesetter can be a key element to improving the Stability of your printing business, helping you achieve your quality, efficiency, profitability, and environmental goals.

Kodak Magnus XLF 80


830 nm laser thermal imaging, semi-automatic, external drum


Semi-automatic: Utilizing static load/unload table, plates are electronically 3-point registered to the imaging engine

Throughput in plates per hour (pph) @ plate size:



1030 x 800 mm
(40.5 x 31.5 in.)

25.5 pph

21.0 pph

1524 x 1143 mm
(60 x 45 in.)

20.5 pph

16.0 pph

2260 x 1240 mm
(89 x 48.8 in.)

15.0 pph

12.0 pph

Workflow connectivity

KODAK PRINERGY Workflow System
Connection to third-party workflow systems (via 1-bit TIFF KODAK PRINERGY EVO Workflow System)


2400 dpi

Screening technology

AM Screening and KODAK STACCATO Screening

Screening capability
(dependent on media qualifications)

AM Screening: up to 17.7 lines/mm (450 lines/in.)
FM Screening: 20-micron STACCATO Screening

Image area

Same as plate size minus leading edge margin of 6.1 mm (0.24 in.) and trailing edge gripper margin of 7.6 mm (0.30 in.)

Media type

830 nm thermal IR-sensitive aluminum plates
Recommended: KODAK DITP GOLD or ELECTRA XD Thermal Plates
For other qualified plates, contact your Kodak representative

Plate sizes:
Min. to max. around drum circumference
Min. to max. along drum axis

500 to 1296 mm (19.7 to 51 in.)

800 to 2260 mm (31.5 to 89 in.)

Platesetter size
(H x W x D)

119.5 cm x 342.5 cm x 230 cm
(47.0 in. x 135.0 in. x 90.6 in.)

Platesetter weight

1900 kg (4180 lbs.)





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