Grafika Trading Co. deals with wholesale and retail of raw and auxiliary materials needed in printing industry.

With traditional and new technology products we are able to satisfy all needs of a printing house, all in the fields of prepress, press and postpress. Our strategic products are printing plates, inks, pressroom chemicals, binding adhesives, cover materials.

Our main suppliers are world leader companies, such as Planatol, Sun Chemical, Day International, Kodak, BN International. We are proud to have one of the widest product range and highest turnover among commercial companies in Hungarian printing industry.

Our objective is being at our customers' disposal with continuous develoment, high quality products, technical support, effective workflow and transportation.


In the last 50 years Grafika had to face many changes and challenges, political and economical difficulties. In former socialist regime we were monopolist as state owned company. Our connection capital accumulated that time is still the base of our life and activity.

After the systemic change Grafika was privatised, and with a new kind of vision started to catch up with continuously accelerating commerce and competition, always in view of partners' claims.

Our company currently owns 17 people, and reaches nearly 1 billion HUF turnower.

'Milestones' summarizes the most important steps of Grafika Trading Co.'s history.


2016 - The whole block of shares of Mr Peter Kamaras has been bought by AB Volent Group, that owns now 95,1% of the shares. The new CEO is Mr Istvan Faller.

2013 - Grafika enters a strategic alliance with Idab Kft (member of Volent Group)

2011 - The new owner and general manager is Mr Péter Kamarás.

2010 - The new general manager is Dr. Melinda Kékesi.

2009 - With new suppliers

Grafika Co. enters into new fields of printing.

2007 - After Mr. Jászkuti gets retired, Mrs. Edit Tóth becomes general manager.

2006 - Opening our site in Pécs.

2002 - Celebration of 50th anniversary together with partners and friends.

1993 - Grafika is privatised.

1992 - Company is restructured under name of Grafika Trading Co.

1985 - Mr. László Jászkuti is appointed as general manager.

1984 - Building of our headquarter in Fiastyúk street is ready.

1972 - Mr. Sándor Ruzsinszky is nominated as general manager.

1969 - Nyomdaipari Grafikai Vállalat is nominated as legal successor of First Hungarian Character Smeltery.

1957 - Company name was changed to Nyomdaipari Grafikai Vállalat.

1954 - Activity is flared with commerce of raw materials.

1952 - Nyomdaipari Gépraktározási Vállalat is established, exclusively dealing with storing and conditioning printing machines.






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